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How to Treat Vertigo Naturally Approximately 25% of the population are suffering from vertigo and dizziness with the majority being older women. Just like any other medical condition, vertigo and dizziness can be devastating to patients. Only three major types of vertigo are widely known even though there are many types that have been discovered. Objective vertigo is a type of vertigo that is characterized by giving patients a sensation that the environment around them is moving. This condition is common and easily treatable if a patient is exposed to medication early enough. Subjective vertigo is the second type and this occurs when a patient feels he or she is moving while in reality this isn’t the case. Although the procedure might be slightly complex, this condition is treatable. The third form of vertigo is pseudo-vertigo which makes a patient feel that their brain is rotating. This is the hardest form to treat among the three but treatment is still possible. There are different types of treatments that can be used on vertigo patients. One of them is acupuncture. This form of treatments is capable of treating all the three types of vertigo. Finding a qualified practitioner is the first stage whenever you need to use acupuncture to cure a vertigo patient.
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According to traditional Chinese medical practices, vertigo is a condition that is brought about by a deficient in the human body. Since there are many factors that can bring about vertigo, your doctor needs to carry out tests to determine where the deficiency lies. Some of the most common causes of deficiencies are emotional problems and depression which lead to damages to some parts of the body. It is this imbalance that brings about vertigo and dizziness.
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Factors such as illnesses, a weak spleen, a fragile heart, anxiety, and stress can cause deficiencies to occur in the body by depleting energy from the blood and body. Other factors include aging and too much sexual activity which brings about a kidney deficiency which in turn causes vertigo. These cases are normally categorized under complex eastern medicine diagnosis that is labelled as wind, fire, phlegm, and deficiency. It will take a couple of visits to the acupuncturist for patients to begin noticing a decline in symptoms of vertigo. Dizziness will reduce allowing a patient to go on with his or her duties in the normal way including being able to stay in the office for extended periods. While acupuncture helps treat the patients, they too need to follow a consistent treatment routine in order to see results after 6 to 10 weeks.

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