Macrolane by Andrew Miller in NJ: Undergoing Breast Augmentation Without Surgery

With the advancement of aesthetic medicine, it is now possible to redefine the volume of your breasts without resorting to surgery. This is done by simple injections of a natural substance called Macrolane. Before undergoing injections, it is prudent to speak with a reputable surgeon like andrew miller nj.

What is Macrolane?

It is a brand of hyaluronic acid developed by a laboratory called Q-med. Since its appearance in 2008, Macrolane has been seen as a unanimous alternative to cosmetic surgery of the breasts. By way of information, the hyaluronic acid contained in this gel is a natural substance manufactured by the body, for the body. Of course, since the manufacture of this acid is not sufficient enough to give volume to the breast or to other parts of the body, the solution is to inject Macrolane into the area to be treated.

What is Macrolane used for?

Macrolane gel shapes and fills the breast tissue, so it is quite possible to increase its size by injecting this substance without using a scalpel. The results are very natural and the risks of complications are reduced. Moreover, this hyaluronic acid makes it possible to correct the irregularity of the contours of the breasts or can be used to “round out” the buttocks by redefining their shape. Finally, Macrolane can accompany downstream breast implants by correcting creases and waves. Note that, although Macrolane is mainly used on the breasts, any other part of the body can be treated to redefine the contours and increase their volume.

How is Macrolane injected?

Injecting Macrolane requires prior medical consultation in order to determine the patient’s health and to define the appropriate care for him or her. In addition, even if it is an injection, the surgery takes place mostly in an operating room, mainly for prudence. After administering a local anesthetic, the doctor injects Macrolane with a ½ cm incision into the breast fold. The procedure lasts an average of one hour, after which the patient can return home. In fact, the Macrolane injection does not require any hospitalization and the medical rest recommended for recovery usually does not exceed 24 hours.

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