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Things To Prepare When Travelling To Nigeria

If you have an intention of remaining in Nigeria either a s a tourist or just on an enterprise tour from your nation, it means stipulates that you have to put in mind the Nigerian visa protocols. For a few years now, visa applications have been made through an online platform through the Nigerian embassy. If you plan on experiencing some of the best places in this country in the sub-Saharan region, this means you will first have to receive an invite. It is not clear on whether invites can be gained through whatever travel business you happen to be utilizing.

You cannot travel to Nigeria until you have already been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. You ought to have been inoculated not less than three months prior to the moment of touring. In addition, a copy of your official document is required to accompany your Nigeria visa application. The instance you make an application for your Nigerian visa, you ought to be able to demonstrate that you have enough cash to make certain that you support yourself for the time of your stay, present evidence of your journey flights. On the likelihood that you intend to live in a hotel, you will be required to give the exact details regarding this.

There is certainly still huge chances for corporate investment in Nigeria, even though you require to thoroughly do a verification of the credentials of any person inviting you to Nigeria on a business trip. You will be required to give a copy of your welcome letter together with your Nigeria business visa application specifying the purpose for your visit. Every single visa application submissions require to be accompanied by a present passport, and this ought not to have less than six months remaining before it expires together with a passport sized photograph.
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Religious conflicts are still a cause for concern in some districts and violence can begin involving Christians and Muslims. Christian religious tourists will require a letter through the Nigerian church. Foreign national agents of both Islam and Christianity need to have an invitation from a religious organization and also an agreement from the internal affairs ministry. These have to be submitted with all the necessary paperwork for a Nigerian visa application.
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If you intend to tour Nigeria regarding educational matters, this implies that you will be required to acquire a letter of invitation from the host institution. This is whether you are a college lecturer or a university dean. This letter ought to define the reason behind your visit, and this will need to be affixed along with the extra documentation necessary for Nigerian visas. A student visiting Nigeria need to submit a duplicate of their student identification card as well.

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